Videos and Webinars

  1. Video: GrantHub 6 min Overview

  2. Video: GrantHub 20 min Overview

    23 min Overview of GrantHub. This is a brief product demonstration, and can also be used as an introductory...

  3. Recorded Webinar: GrantHub Demonstration

  4. Video Tutorial: My Organization Preferences & Users

  5. Video Tutorial: Inserting Funder Details

  6. Video Tutorial: Adding Opportunities

  7. Video Tutorial: Attaching Tasks to Opportunities

  8. Video Tutorial: Adding to Your Answer Library

  9. Video Tutorial: Running a Report

  10. Video Tutorial: Managing Deadlines

  11. Video Tutorial: Utilizing Resources

  12. Live Training Signup: Getting Started with GrantHub

    Register for a training session with our training manager Tyler by going to: This training will be about...

  13. Grant Readiness Slides

    Presentation - Are you Grant Ready Webinar.pdf

  14. Grantseeker Panel Webinar - October 27, 2016

  15. Building a powerful grants strategy for 2016-2017

    Presentation - Building Powerful Grant Strategy 2016-2017.pdf

  16. Worksheets for Building a Powerful Grants Strategy Webinar

    Link to worksheets: GS_Strategy_Worksheets_2016.docx Link to PowerPoint Slides: Presentation - Building Powerful Grant Strategy 2016-2017.pdf This webinar will take...

  17. Trial Checklist - Use this to learn all there is to know about GrantHub!

    Download here - GrantHub Trial Checklist You can also download a Trial Kit that will help you work through...

  18. Recorded Webinar: GrantHub Insights February 15, 2017

  19. Recorded Webinar: GrantHub Insights October 13, 2016

  20. Recorded Webinar: GrantHub Insights March 10, 2016

  21. Recorded Webinar: GrantHub Insights - August 15, 2017

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