Release 1.5 on October 26, 2015 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see after 9am Central.

1. Reporting received a few updates. We have updated a few graphs to display data in a better way. We have added filters for Opportunity Owner, Funding Type, Funder Type and Category. We also now have the ability to export all data from the report in a PDF, CSV, Excel files or to print. The ability to filter on Category and export data were frequently requested updates from our users!

2. GrantHub will not send reminder emails for an upcoming Opportunity Deadline if the status is submitted. This is also a specific request from users!

3. We have added another Funding Type on the Opportunity called Sponsorships. This was a request from a group of participants in a demonstration.

4. We have added some helpful explanations to the Resources area to better help you navigate which tools to use and when.

5. We have updated the Links tab in the Resources area where you can customize and insert your organization’s frequently used resource links. Use this area to insert your regional grant searching website for quick access.

6. When copying Opportunities, all the information in the details tab will copy over to the new Opportunity.

7. When copying Opportunities, if you had more than 10 tasks, any tasks above 10 wouldn’t show for editing in the popup. We have also removed the word copy from the task name and fixed a bug with the date picker not working.

8. We have updated the Contact Quick Add so all the fields are available for insertion in 1 click.

9. We have added the ability to export all of the deadlines from the Deadlines area.

10. We fixed an issue with Opportunities not being correctly aggregated on the Funder Summary.

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