Release 1.6 December 21, 2015 8am to 9am CST

GrantHub will be releasing new functionality on Monday, December 21 from 8am to 9am Central. During this period, you could encounter slower movement in the system but still be able to use GrantHub.

Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central. 

  1. It’s finally here! Now you can add Custom notifications on Opportunities and Tasks. GrantHub now has a way to add lead days to each opportunity or task, enabling you to receive a custom reminder email by setting the number of lead days. Set your 2 default reminders to a shorter time frame, and use the Custom Reminder Lead Days to set a reminder to come even earlier. This field can only take numeric integers.
  2. We now have the ability for a trial user to cancel their free trial and stop the automated emails that are sent from the system. This setting is found in the Subscription tab under My Organization. This will not show for customers who have already been charged.
  3. We fixed a few issues:
    • Deleting an Opportunity also deleted a category from the drop down list.
    • When starting a new Opportunity from under the Funder, the Funder name didn’t auto-populate.
    • When adding a new contact from the Opportunity detail page, the new contact didn’t save.
    • We updated a task to say Task Name instead of just Name to help clarify where you are in the system. 

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