Release 1.7 March 2, 2016 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

  1. Thanks to all the suggestions coming in, we have a new layout and organization for the Documents tab under Opportunities. You now have the ability to see which task documents are attached to an Opportunity on one screen!
  2. We have the ability to take discount codes within GrantHub now.
  3. We now have the ability to keep your filters, sorting and number of items shown when looking at lists of Funders, Opportunities and Deadlines. These settings will persist during your GrantHub session. If you are inactive for more than 1 hour or logout, you will need to reselect them.
  4. A new date field has been added - based on a lot of user feedback, tracking the date submitted on an Opportunity! Now when you move an Opportunity to submitted status, you will see a Date Submitted field to track this date. Also this field displays on all report exports.
  5. Another widely requested feature from users - a way to indicate a rolling deadline on an Opportunity. This rolling icon also shows on the list of Opportunities and Deadlines, so you immediately know which deadlines might be flexible.
  6. We added the Funder Type to deadlines export.
  7. We also changed the 2nd default reminder in GrantHub from 1 day to 5 days.Note:
    • *This is only reflected for new accounts.
  8. We fixed a few issues:
    • Document count, task count, and opportunity count on the tabs were not updating correctly on some pages.
    • We weren’t charging sales tax on some accounts.
    • We were seeing duplicate tags on answers in the Answer Library.
    • We were seeing reminder emails sent on due dates of Opportunities when the status was in submitted.
    • We updated our emails to trial users.
    • When deleting some information, the deletion didn’t show as successful until the page was refreshed.

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