Release 1.9 May 19, 2016 8am to 9am CDT

Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

  1. When opportunities and tasks are created the notification email is now optional.

  2. The contact prefix field has been changed from a drop down list to a textbox

  3. The messaging when importing answers into the answer library from GuideStar has been improved.

  4. GrantHub subscription renewal reminder emails will be sent to administrators 25, 15, and 2 days before the end of the subscription.

  5. New 14 day trial registrations will have the option of adding a set of sample data to their organization to help them understand the benefits of a GrantHub subscription. This sample data will contain a Sample Funder, opportunities and tasks. All of this sample data can be quickly and easily removed later on by deleting the ‘Sample Funder’.

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