Release 1.2 on June 26, 2015 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central for Release 1.2.

  1. Time stamps on all notes in GrantHub are now your local time zone.
  2. A character counter has been added to all text Answer Library items.
  3. When you copy an Opportunity from the Awarded, Denied or Withdrawn status, you can now copy all associated tasks!
  4. A new visual save indicator on all GrantHub forms to avoid confusion during the save process.
  5. Now Organizations have the ability to add up to additional 4 writer roles. *Additional writers above the 2 included in the standard price are a $150 each.
  6. GrantHub improved the flow of copying opportunities and adding tasks, notes, and answers by requiring fewer clicks.

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