Release August 13, 2019

GrantHub released new functionality on Tuesday, August 13. Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 


  • Task owners and additional recipients will now receive an email notification when the status of a task is changed.

  • Opportunity owners and additional recipients will now receive and email notification when the owner, proposal deadline, or status of an opportunity is changed.


  • New opportunity statuses of ‘LOI-Draft’, ‘LOI-Submitted’, ‘Application-Draft’, and ‘Abandoned’ have been added. The status ‘Submitted’ has been changed to ‘Application-Submitted’. These new status options allow GrantHub users to track their grant opportunities with more precision. You are not required to utilize these new status options. With the new Status options you can:

    • Track applications through their LOI stage using the new ‘LOI-Draft’ and ‘LOI-Submitted’ Status options.

    • See when you are working on the application vs an LOI by using the ‘Application-Draft’ status.

    • Be clear on what has been submitted (LOI or Application). 

    • Use the new ‘Abandoned’ Status to track incomplete applications separately from those you withdrew from consideration and used the ‘Withdrawn’ Status. 

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