Release 1.4 on September 9, 2015 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central.

  • GrantHub has made multiple changes to the Opportunity page.  There are now save buttons at the top of the page, all fields are now available without changing the status to Awarded, Denied or Withdrawn, and the required field text has been updated.
  • When adding new users, the Administrator now has the ability to resend the activation email to the user. There is a new button to resend the email on the Users tab in the My Organization area of GrantHub. A user can also request a new account confirmation email from the account confirmation page if the token on their original email has expired.
  • GrantHub has updated the filter buttons on the Funders, Opportunity and Deadline main pages. Instead of the previous toggle, we now have a drop down for easier user experience.
  • GrantHub has fixed the issue with updating email addresses for users. If an administrator has mis-typed a new user’s email address, the administrator was unable to update without reaching out to GrantHub Support. The administrator can now update the email address.
  • GrantHub has fixed an issue with tasks not being copied to an Opportunity in certain circumstances.
  • GrantHub has fixed an issue with the save button not being disabled while the page is in the process of saving.

Please feel free to reach out to Support with any questions. We are available from 8am to 5pm Mountain Time via chat on GrantHub, on email or by phone 800-347-4481.

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