Release 1.1 on June 12, 2015 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central for Release 1.1

  1. New Reports! You will now be able to see Opportunities by Month and Amount by Funder. We have also defaulted to the past year as dates in the reporting tool.
  2. Administrators now have the ability to renew unpaid subscriptions without contacting Support.
  3. Deadline notifications are set to send emails at 7 days and 2 days before due date. We also have coded an email to be sent on the due date. This email notification cannot be altered as we felt it was very beneficial to everyone.
  4. The default task owner is the user logged in creating the tasks.
  5. The Notification Date field on an Opportunity has been update to Funder's Notification Date (when you expect to hear back on your grant application).
  6. Now you know when to update your Board Member list or 990 in the Answer Library! There is now a notification on Answer Library items when they have passed their expiration date.
  7. When inserting Opportunities, the Application Type field is no longer required. We understand if you are in the research phase, you won't know this information!

These new features were released previously but we wanted to call out new functionality:

  1. 990 Finder! Search for 990s in Foundation Center (this does not include a membership to Foundation Center)
  2. Who funded this Organization Search! Looking for new grantmakers? Search by EIN or Organization name to see who has funded this organization in the past.

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