Can GrantHub track staff hours against a grant?

GrantHub has the ability to create Tasks under each grant Opportunity which can be used to capture and track elements related to the execution of the grant, such as staff hours, or metrics related to the delivery of your programs. There are text fields that allow you to add notes about the task and can contain information related to these metrics, or financial-related information or other types of notes. The notes attached to Tasks and Opportunities can be edited and information can be continually appended to them. Or you can also create a separate note for each entry. 

Also - we allow users to attach documents to grant opportunities and tasks - such as tracking files made in Excel - that can contain information such as budgeted time allocated, amount of time actually spent, etc. But information contained in files would need to be edited and re-uploaded when any changes are made. 

We have the ability to track reporting requirements, documents and deadlines - but if you need a grant management system that is tuned for tracking the post-award financial details, and the actual costs of employee or volunteer hours - and then integrating that information with your financial system, we encourage you to compare us to other solutions to determine if GrantHub is the best solution for your needs.

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