How do I manage my grant documents in GrantHub?

There are several places in GrantHub to help you organize and archive your important grant documents. Here is a list of the main areas, along with tips on what type of documents should be stored in each location:

Documents about a particular Funder:

  • If you are on the funder's detail page (click on funders and then open up an existing funder from the list), you will see a 'Documents' tab:
  • You can keep documents about the funder (annual report, instructions, board bios, funder match worksheet, etc.) here.

Individual Grant Documents:

  • Every grant opportunity has a place for you to attach all your documents related to a specific grant.
  • Here you can see all the documents that are attached to the opportunity, as well as all of the associated tasks.
  • Most GrantHub users attach the grant instructions, final submitted version, LOI's, budgets, etc.

Grant reports associated with a grant

  • It is a good practice to collect and keep track of the items you need to report to your funder on in a task
  • You can use the description field to add metrics as they are achieved. And attach files to the task as well
  • You can keep a copy of what you sent to the funder for your own records

Common Attachments and information about my organization

  • You Answer Library contains information about your own organization for quick, centralized access
  • This is where you store your 990's, budget, leadership bios, annual report, 5013c letter, mission statement and other common answers to application questions.
  • You can archive older versions, keep statistics, stories, and frequently used templates for your entire development team to centrally access and share.

Information about your clients (for grant consultants)

  • Just as in item above, you can keep similar type of information in the Answer Library for all your clients. 
  • You can keep them organized and easily accessible by tagging them with the client's name.

Links to collaborative cloud-based grant documents living in Google, Drop Box, etc.

  • You can create tasks that refer to a document you are collaborating using an online document collaboration platform.
  • We recommend keeping the link to the document in the task description. 
  • We also recommend you attach the final version to the task or opportunity for record keeping. That way other teammates can access the document even if they don't have access to the original location.

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