What is the difference between GrantHub and a Donor Management System?

With GrantHub, we focus on providing new solutions that can dramatically improve the workflow for specific, time consuming tasks related to grantseeking.  We have purposely not focused on Donor Management because there are many software companies offering donor management solutions at differing levels of sophistication and cost. However, we have not seen a donor management solution that has a strong tool for managing the grant proposal process, follow up deadlines, and is easy to learn and use.

Donor Management systems tend to be very good at supporting development efforts in either a one to one and a one to many engagement model – focused on receiving contributions from individuals.  They provide marketing campaign tools, online giving portals, social engagement and other services focused on reaching as many potential donors as possible, increasing the size and frequency of donations, and using metrics designed to help maximize your individual donations.  Donor management is basically the CRM of the nonprofit world.  They are very important tools if you receive significant funding from individuals.

On the grantseeking side, we have GrantHub.  GrantHub has been built to specifically manage the grantseeking process.  It is a reasonably priced solution that is very easy to use, and allows an organization to better organize and manage their grantseeking efforts.  Where Donor Management is more of a CRM tool, GrantHub is a combination of project management, collaboration and knowledge management tools with a focus on how to make your grant process organized and more efficient.  GrantHub is designed to allow anyone in your organization to have visibility, to be assigned tasks and to better understand the grant requests that most likely make up a significant portion of your overall budget.  Our customers have told us that it is the missing piece in a nonprofit’s toolkit.

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