Can I track outcomes in GrantHub?

Tracking outcomes of a program in GrantHub can be done in 2 ways: 

  1. If the outcomes are specific to just one grant/opportunity - then you can utilize the 'Task' functionality under that Opportunity to track the outcomes associated with that particular program/grant.
    • Create a new task specifically for the follow up / outcome report. 
    • Outline the metrics that you need to track for the program. 
    • Set the deadline for the task at the intervals you need to collect the data. 
    • You can just change the deadline for the task for the next update (you don’t need to create multiple tasks) 
    • If there are a lot of metrics, you might attach a spreadsheet that you can download, update and re-upload to the task every time you update it.  
    • If there are just a few metrics, you can just add notes to the task, or just put the data into the task description by editing the task as the program continues. This way, all your results are easily found on the task detail page, and you don’t have to scan through the various notes to collect all the data.
  2. If your program is related to multiple grants, or you want to make sure everyone can find your outcomes without knowing what grant it is related to, then you may want to use the Answer Library to track your program outcomes. Here is how you could do that:
    • You could create an Answer Library entry named ‘Program Outcomes – Operation School Bell 2016’ for instance, and tag it with the name of your program (making it easy to search/find). And every time you have an update to your results / outcomes – you could come into the answer library and update the Outcome entry.
    • The entries can be a text field, or you can attach a document.
      • If you used the text field, you could simply add information to the text field.
      • If it was a document, excel file for example, you could download it – make your updates – and then re-upload it into that Answer Library item. You can remove the previous version – or keep multiple files/versions within a single Answer Library item.
    • You would still want to use a Task under your Opportunity to remind you when you are supposed to send in reports on your outcomes to your funder.

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